Fish’n’chips, burgers and fries, schnitzel and thrice-cooked potato planks – the list goes on. There’s a reason chips are the supporting act to so many meals: they’re really, really good.

Golden and crunchy on the outside, soft and tender inside, they're so simple, yet with a generous sprinkling of salt, chicken salt, herb salt, peri-peri salt, whatever salt and seasoning you want, your day can be transformed.

And now there’s a handy database documenting where to get chips, fries and wedges across the country. It’s called Chipdex, and true to its name it’s an index of chips with crowd-sourced info on price, chip type, seasonings, sauces and images so you know what to expect.

Chipdex is a passion project dedicated to the salty, carby treat created by Jess Trengove and her family.

“When you feel like wedges versus fries or want some great aioli, there’s no easy way to pick the right venue to satisfy your craving,” she tells Broadsheet. “We noticed others in our circle [obsessing] over the quality and type of chips on offer in different venues [so we started creating Chipdex].”

Her dad is a software developer and built the app himself. Her mum and sisters help out with promotion and feedback, while a family friend designed the graphics and branding.

“Love of chips runs in the family and we often meet up for a drink and chippies at our local pubs,” she says. “From inception to implementation to marketing it’s a real family affair … we work on it in our spare time, purely for the love of the hot chip.”

Anyone can add a review on any chips from any venue, from a humble fish’n’chips shop or a roadside kebab truck to local pubs and high-end restaurants. There’s a rating out of five, categories to choose from, slider ratings (from bland to tasty, soggy to crunchy, dry to fluffy, and rip-off to worth it), and a review section where you can go into more detail.

There’s a map view that helps you find your closest chip joint, while a list view makes it easy to scroll through all your options. You can also filter your search by price, type, sauce and flavour and use the app to find your next chip destination.

So far there are more than 1000 chips catalogued in the app – and you can help build it up by adding some yourself.

This isn't of course the first time someone has devoted time to documenting Australia's chips. A potato fan is cataloging Melbourne’s chip ecology with Minimum Chips, while in Sydney, Hot Chip Guy is rating that city's scene.

Chipdex is available in iOS and Android.