In 2014, brothers Rashid and Ammar Roumani set out to find Nespresso-compatible coffee pods that captured the flavour of high-quality beans their Melbourne-raised palates were used to.

They worked with local coffee roasters to produce their own blends, which they then packaged in biodegradable cases (a rarity at the time), and Pod Co Coffee was born.

“Our goal is to bring the same high-quality, barista-level coffee you can buy from any of Melbourne's great cafes into your home for you to enjoy at the touch of a button,” the Roumanis say on the company’s website.

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Pod Co Coffee’s online store now sells packs of premium coffee pods, portable pod-brewing machines and reusable cups. Recently, chai pods were also added to the range.

The low-caffeine chai mix is designed to be served with hot, with a frothed milk of your choice – like a cafe-style chai latte, except these cost less than $1 a cup. It’s made with black-tea extract, sweetened with honey and sugar, and gets its kick from cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and allspice. About 95 per cent of the ingredients (which don’t include artificial flavours preservatives) are sourced from Australia.

Like the original Pod Co Coffee pods, these are made in Melbourne from plant-based bioplastics, which are 100 per cent compostable and break down in as little as 90 days.

The Pod Co Coffee’s Chai Latte pods come in packs of 40 for $35.95 (with a 10 per cent discount if you buy two packs). They’re available online only with free shipping if you spend more than $50.

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