First a chicken. Then a rabbit. Now, for the final instalment of Meatsmith Masterclass – our series giving you the gumption to break down proteins at home – top butcher Troy Wheeler wants to help you tackle a leg of lamb.

Whether you’re in the mood to roast, grill, stew, or all of the above, this step-by-step guide will show you the way, each stage made easier with an accompanying image.

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Start with the fatty side of the lamb leg down on the cutting board.


From the shank end, cut along the inside of the bone until you hit the knee joint.


Carefully cut around the curved knee joint, following the bone until you come out at the hip joint.


Slowly cut around the hip bone and remove it from the leg, taking your time to trim as close to the bone as possible.


Fan out the topside muscle, gently cutting through any sinew still connected.


Release the meat from the outside of the shank, cutting along the bone.


Make a small incision towards the bone, just past the knee joint.


From the incision, cut along the bone towards where you removed the hip joint, pushing the muscle away from the bone.


Cut around the leg joint to release the bone from the muscle.


Only the underside of the knee joint should still be attached to the bone. Remove it by lifting the shank end, cutting along the bone to release the remaining meat.


Roll the lamb round away from the leg set. It should pull away easily, as you cut through any connective tissue.


Remove the topside by cutting along the line of fat to the board.


Lift up the heel muscle, cutting any resistive tissue to remove it.


Trim any large amounts of fat or silver skin to reveal the silverside.


You’ll end up with one topside, one round, one silverside, one hip bone, and two leg bones.

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