Sydney sourdough purveyor Sonoma was one of the first bakeries to use cultured butter from Pepe Saya back in 2017. Now the companies have come together to create puff pastry sheets you can use to bake flaky galettes, buttery pie toppings and light palmiers.

The bakery-quality puff pastry is made using Pepe Saya Whey Buttersheets and Wholegrain Milling Co sustainable flour. Right now, puff pastry rolls are available in five-kilogram boxes, best for high volume baking. Each box contains 10 500-gram sheets that can be stored in the freezer and thawed when you’re ready to use them. Sonoma says it’s working on smaller packs for home bakers, coming soon.

You can order the puff pastry packs via email ( Delivery is available across Australia. Prices vary, depending on location and quantity.