Jack Shaw, with business partner Pete Baxter, runs the show at Melbourne wine bar Hope St Radio. Since opening last year in the Collingwood Yard’s arts precinct, Hope St has built a young, loyal community that comes as much for the DJs and far-reaching natural wine list as for chef Ellie Bouhadana’s wholesome food.

Shaw is also the most recent Broadsheet Wine curator, and has picked six great bottles to get us through the chilly months. With that in mind, we asked him what he’s up to this winter.

What are you cooking at the moment?
We’ve been making a very nostalgic bolognaise à la Mum at Hope St. One of our cooks, Meg, recently made it for a staff meal. I loved it so much that Meg now makes a huge pot at the start of the week and it’s on the menu! We sub venison for beef, though, because we love venison. It’s so nostalgic and such a joy to serve.

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When I’m at home, I eat very simply. Think sauteed mushrooms and snake beans with condiments from Rough Rice, and boiled dumplings (usually made from beef and coriander). There’s no need to cook anything more complex because Adam’s condiments do all the heavy lifting – they’re among the most delicious things on planet Earth.

What are you drinking?
The Bondar chardy is a go-to at the moment. It has a really wonderful nougat and vanilla profile that lends itself so well to drinking slowly over the course of a couple of movies. It does so well in all contexts – a perfect aperitif, food wine, or nightcap.

The Garagiste le Stagiaire Pinot Noir is also great. It just presents such extraordinary value and is a perfect bottle for a dinner party if you’re trying to impress. It also pairs well with what I like to cook and eat in the winter. Mushrooms and garlic and melty cheese and red meat and and and …

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What music are you playing?
The bulk of my listening is Hope St mixes (all available on our Mixcloud). It’s so nice to listen back to what is played at HSR, because inevitably I miss a song or two [when I’m] running to the cellar for wine, or if I’m in the weeds on the pasta section.

I’ve been listening to lots of Babyface Mal, who is on 66 Records (an incredible label). His sound is so singular and fresh.

I also listen to a lot of crooners. I like songs about love. I have the Dean Martin discography ready to go verbatim in my head if a situation ever calls for it (it rarely does, alas).

What TV show or movie are you watching?
Right now I’m watching Crash Landing on You. It’s a Korean Netflix drama that is mega corny but also really beautiful and funny.

I also watch Paik’s Spirit over and over. I think it’s the best food show ever made. Paik Jong-won eats and drinks (a lot) with Korean celebrities, and the candid conversations are cut with long and magically produced psychedelic cutaways about whatever they are eating or drinking. I think it’s the most eloquent and beautiful portrayal of eating and drinking with friends on screen.

What do you think makes the perfect winter night in?
I think it starts in the afternoon. Cooking slowly with friends from the afternoon into the night, drinking (something from my Broadsheet Wine box of course) before a slow dinner. Then falling asleep together on the couch watching a movie, belly full of food and wine, and heart full of love! If I’m able to do this at my business partner Pete [Baxter] and his partner Sunni’s beautiful home in Eltham – I’m as happy as can be.

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