A kick of wasabi might just be the extra punch your favourite daytime cocktail, the Bloody Mary, needs. Broadsheet has produced a video series of twists on classic cocktails in partnership with World Class. The video above shows you how to make this spicy Bloody Mary at home. Step by step instructions below.

Wasabi Bloody Mary

1.4 standard drinks

Chilli flakes
40ml Ketel One vodka
10ml yuzu sake
70ml tomato juice
15ml orange juice
10ml Maggi seasoning sauce
15ml lemon juice

Pickled cucumber

Coat edge of glass with salt and chilli flakes. Build vodka, sake, tomato juice, orange juice, sauce, lemon juice, wasabi, salt and pepper in a tall glass. Add ice and stir. Garnish.

This video series is created by Broadsheet in partnership with World Class. For more on Australia’s best cocktails, bars and bartenders follow World Class on Instagram. Drink responsibly.