Ever stood in the wine aisle and felt completely lost? Maybe you were invited to a dinner party and told to just “bring a bottle of something”. Or maybe you wanted another bottle like the one you had at that restaurant that one time? You know? The bottle with the cool logo? It had all the shapes on it?

Good Pair Days wants to make it as easy as possible for you to find wines you like to drink. It’s a wine subscription club and retailer that’s all about accessibility, affordability and fun.

“There are so many people out there who want to learn a little bit more about wine, but don’t necessarily want to pay a fortune for it,” says co-founder Banjo Harris Plane. “We’d love to provide that information … in a really welcoming way for people who are just getting started on their wine journey.”

Harris Plane is a former sommelier at famous fine diner Attica and an ex-partner in Bar Liberty, one of Australia’s best-regarded wine bars. He’s an expert at explaining and recommending wines using layman’s terms.

Here’s how Good Pair Days works: you take a fun little quiz – yes, it’s actually fun – that asks simple, multiple-choice questions such as whether you prefer white, milk or dark chocolate. Well, that’s one question – the quiz varies depending on your familiarity and experience with wine. Once you’re done, Good Pair Days will recommend three bottles of wine to get started.

Each month you’ll receive a new box of wine and give your thoughts on it. As Spotify’s algorithm learns your taste in music and begins to suggest new songs with uncanny insight, so too does Good Pair Days tailor future shipments based on your feedback. Eventually, it might recommend a bottle you never would have reached for otherwise.

It’s not just this personalised tech that makes Good Pair Days stand out. The service is low commitment too. The minimum shipment is only three bottles, whereas many other wine clubs send a flat dozen per box. Another advantage is that Good Pair Days ships Australia-wide. Seriously – Harris-Plane and his team are currently trying to figure out the logistics of getting a box to a lady on far-flung Norfolk Island.

So if you can’t tell your malbecs from your merlots – or if you just want to let someone else do the choosing – this one could be worth a try.


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