It’s a wide world of gin out there. A new Australian-founded subscription service, Gin Loot, is making it easier to discover new brands and flavours, taking you from gin novice to connoisseur with its curated tasting packs.

It’s from the same team as Whisky Loot, which delivers tasting packs of whiskies that are hard (or more likely, impossible) to find at your local bottle-o.

Gin Loot works the same way. Designed to be enjoyed over a full year, the subscription delivers three 60-millilitre bottles of gin every month. Each bottle is marked with the name of the gin and relevant distillery, but is otherwise devoid of colours, branding or other graphics that might lead you astray while tasting.

The entire 12 months is planned out, with a different focus each month, from the initial “flavour discovery” to “history of gin” and the intriguing “taste of the outback”. Beginners start off with Four Pillars Modern Australian, spiced with green and red Sichuan peppers alongside native Australian botanicals; Poor Tom’s Sydney Dry, which has fresh green apple and chamomile flavours; and the zesty Malfy Con Limone, from Italy.

Each pack is curated by gin specialist Tim Laferla to build off the previous packs (similar to a playlist) and ultimately broaden your gin horizons. Compare classic gins to New World drops, learn how gin is produced, get tips on mixing the perfect Martini, and use recipe cards to craft other cocktails.

Gin Loot also has three-month and six-month subscription packages; a monthly option with no end-date (or minimum); and a one-off pack with three surprise tasters. Plus, there’s also a collection of themed gift packs such as a Mother’s Day hamper, the Best of Australian gin, a Global Explorer pack and a trio of gins distilled by women.

The yearly subscription is $535 and the month-to-month option is $39. Tasting packs start at $59.

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