Last night in Sydney, locals followed the red lights – and their noses – to Carriageworks. The event was the opening night of Venture Beyond, a multi-sensory experience running from Thursday August 4 to Saturday August 6, marking the launch of The Penfolds Collection 2022.

After being greeted by trays of Penfolds wine – and an astronaut, naturally – guests were treated to catering by esteemed chef Nelly Robinson of Nel, who served up a galactic themed menu. Tomato marshmallows, space dust sandwiches, cheese comets, truffle popcorn with a mushroom burst, Uranus truffles spiked with Vegemite and flying saucers (aka duck doughnuts) were all up for grabs in this cosmos.

A performance by Client Liaison topped off a night of culinary exploration and a celebration of the prestige wine release. Tickets for Venture Beyond start at $119 for general admission or $149 for admission and masterclass access.

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