A team of hospitality heavyweights gathered in Sydney last week to launch the inaugural Drink Easy Awards.

Led by award co-founders – drinks and wine journalist Mike Bennie; chef Duncan Welgemoed from Africola in Adelaide; and director of creative agency Super Assembly Tamrah Petruzzelli – the launch took place in the plush theatre space inside restaurant Hubert, in the Sydney CBD.

The Drink Easy Awards are open to all producers of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and a departure from traditional drinks competitions. Drink Easy recognises drinkability and technique, celebrating both the quality of beverages and the culture around the industry.

"Drink Easy is the fruition of five years of thinking and over two years of planning," said Petruzzelli on the night. "We are so excited these awards have officially been launched into life. It shows a seismic change in the Australian drinks industry with many exciting things to come. We've excited to work alongside Broadsheet to make this a reality."

A bevy of drinks industry guests gathered in Hubert’s plush theatre room to enjoy natural wines and French canapés. Bennie hosted a Q&A panel with Petruzzelli and Welgemoed about the awards, and Broadsheet founder and publisher Nick Shelton shared his excitement at being the presenting partner of the debut event.

Submissions to the Drink Easy awards open June 3. For more details visit Drink Easy.

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