Yesterday was World Emoji Day (I know – somehow we missed it too). But over in the States, the pixel pictorial party is just getting started. To celebrate, Apple’s released a preview of some of the new emojis we can expect to come out on IOS this spring.

Fifty-nine new emojis will make their debuts, and there’s a lot of variety. Apple’s including more “disability-themed” emojis, including guide dogs, prosthetic limbs and hearing implants. Some of the internet’s favourite animals are now keyboard-accessible too: the orangutan and sloth emojis are so cute that I will be not-so-subtly peppering my messages with them as soon as they’re available. Best of all: there is finally a falafel emoji.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve suggested going out for falafel and have had to settle for a burrito emoji to make my case – sometimes I’ve even typed out the word (unthinkable, I know). Not anymore. There are three other new food emojis coming out: butter, garlic and waffles. Together, these four make the perfect wordless shopping list.

Apple’s new emojis are due out in spring.