A Hollywood actor, a tennis great and a Formula One driver walk into a fancy Flinders Lane restaurant ... It might sound like the start of a gag, but that’s exactly what the team at Ezard is doing to raise money for bushfire aid.

Owners Teage and Tina Ezard are auctioning off a dinner for 12 with Eric Bana, Pat Rafter and Mark Webber – and splitting the proceeds between the Australian Red Cross and Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund (GERF) to help communities affected by the ongoing bushfires.

Bidding for the seven-course meal begins at 9am on January 15, and the dinner can be scheduled any time between January 27 and February 2 – meaning you have plenty of time to re-watch Full Frontal clips on YouTube, ace your tennis lingo and google Porsches.

In the wake of the bushfires, the Red Cross has been helping out at evacuation centres, offering psychological support, sharing supplies and distributing emergency grants nationally. GERF was set up in the ’70s specifically to disburse money to Gippsland residents who had lost homes or had property damaged due to extreme weather.

You can donate directly to the Australian Red Cross here or GERF here.

The auction starts at 9am on January 15.