Remember that bit in Beauty and the Beast when the teapot and suave candlestick came to life? That’s probably not going to happen at this Disney-themed brunch, but the bottomless cocktails on offer could get your imagination working.

The Magical Brunch has just been announced, so details are scarce. There’s a fairytale-inspired brunch menu but no venue – so you could end up eating spaghetti in a laneway à la Lady and the Tramp. Or maybe it’ll be like that messed up scene in The Little Mermaid where Sebastian the crab has to watch his fish mates get butchered by an overzealous French chef.

What we do know is fully grown adults are being encouraged to dress up as their favourite Disney characters and drink as many Mimosas, glasses of bubbles and froths as they want for two hours (Responsible Service of Alcohol permitting). It’s a massive oversight that Frozen Margaritas aren’t on offer but what can you do. We guess the organisers didn’t want any Snow White-style black outs.

A Disney-themed dance floor will provide space for a boogie – ten points to anyone who re-creates the hippo-crocodile-ostrich dance from Fantasia.

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