The founders of artisan butter producer Pepe Saya and Byron Bay brand Oomite have teamed up to make one spread to rule them all – a marbled wheel of unsalted, umami-flavoured butter.

Oomite x Pepe Saya Butter is available to buy from Pepe Saya’s website or, if you’re in Sydney, you can buy a wheel from the butter maker at Carriageworks Farmers Markets or as a topping on one of Merna’s handmade fermented crumpets, also for sale at the markets.

The companies’ founders say it is a perfectly balanced spread; they’ve done the hard work to hit that ideal butter-to-mite ratio so you can smear it straight onto your toast, toss it through pasta or use it to flavour your steak.

Oomite’s founders Magdalena Roze and Katie Graham say it took them three years to master the recipe for their all-natural savoury spread. Until now, their product has only been available in cafes, restaurants and bakeries; collaborating with Pepe Saya means customers can buy it to eat at home.

Pepe Saya owner Pierre Issa’s advice is to spread it really thick. “When I eat it I get a thick slice of sourdough bread, slather it with Oomite Butter and fork a soft-boiled egg on top,” he says in a statement.

Oomite x Pepe Saya Butter ($8) is available to buy here. The 100g wheel should be kept in the fridge. Delivery is available Australia-wide.