Jack Steele and Matt Ford, the “Aussie battlers” who create satirical content on Tiktok and Instagram under the name The Inspired Unemployed, are facing Federal Court action over the company Better Beer, in which they each own a 20 per cent stake.

Better Beer launched in October 2021; earlier this year the Australian Financial Review reported the company made $10 million in sales in five months thanks in part to The Inspired Unemployed’s reach and influence.

Months after Better Beer’s release, Brick Lane Brewing launched legal action against the zero-carb beer, claiming the brand “made false, misleading or deceptive representations”.

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Brick Lane Brewing is claiming The Inspired Unemployed’s beer brand could be confused with its Sidewinder Hazy Pale – particularly its white background, striped design and ’70s-style colours. Brick Lane is seeking corrective advertising and damages, reports News.com.au.

Steele and Ford collaborated with Torquay Beverage Company and Mighty Craft to create Better Beer. Brick Lane Brewing also has famous stakeholders, including former rugby league footballer Billy Slater, former All Blacks player Dan Carter, sports journalist Eddie McGuire and comedian Mick Molloy.

The three-day trial is currently underway in the Federal Court.