The average week is a series of peaks and troughs, each day having its own feel, rituals and flow. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite cocktails to match the days, from standalone flavours designed to shine to drinks that really come together in the end – here’s a guide to some all-time favourite and not-so-common twists to try across your week.

Monday – Whisky Sour

You’re back into work mode. The weekend is a fleeting memory and by Monday night it can leave a sour taste in your mouth. Why not embrace it with a Whisky Sour.

Boilermaker House in Melbourne has a twist on this foam-topped classic. It’s a whisky-base levelled by tart lemon juice and unsweetened passionfruit puree, with a hint of IPA added to the mix.

Boilermaker House Whisky Sour
Serves one. Approximately 2 standard drinks.

50ml Johnnie Walker Double Black Scotch Whisky
20ml freshly pressed lemon juice
10ml passion fruit puree (unsweetened, should be on the tart side)
20ml 2:1 sugar syrup (dissolve 200g caster sugar in 100ml water)
20ml fresh egg white
60ml IPA beer of your choice
A dash of Angostura bitters

Put all the ingredients into your shaker, taking care to put the egg whites in last to prevent the lemon juice cooking them. Then add ice and shake (dry shake). Add the beer and shake again (wet shake). Strain before garnishing with a dash of Angostura bitters.

Tuesday – Or Tor Kor Mule

With the week now underway, Tuesday calls for something mild. Let’s steer away from robust, alcohol-heavy blends in favour of something fruiter (and lighter on the palate). An easy-drinking, entry-level cocktail, such as a Mule, fits the brief perfectly: spicy ginger beer and lime juice give it a burst of freshness.

Long Chim’s version bears a noticeably Thai influence, leaning on kaffir lime-infused Ketel One vodka. But an ice-cold Mule using non-infused vodka works just as well.

Long Chim’s Or Tor Kor Mule
Serves one. Approximately 1.5 standard drinks.

45ml kaffir lime-infused Ketel One Vodka
2 dashes Bitter End Thai Bitters (Angostura is a good substitute)
10ml fresh lime juice
150ml Capi Flamin’ Ginger Beer
Dash sugar syrup

Add all ingredients except ginger beer to a highball glass. Fill with ice, then add ginger beer and stir briefly. Skewer the lime leaf and lime wedge together. Add two long straws, and garnish with the skewer.

Wednesday – Gimlet

It’s hump day, you’ve made it halfway. That calls for a drink, preferably of the no-frills, coming-right-up variety. Luckily, some of the best cocktails are also the simplest.

Use the 2:1:1 ratio as a (relatively) failsafe guide to three-ingredient cocktails – two parts spirit, one part sour and one part sweet. The Tanqueray No. TEN-based Gimlet is a great example and an easy addition to anyone’s cocktail repertoire.

The Gimlet
Serves one. Approximately 1.9 standard drinks.

50ml Tanqueray No. TEN gin
25ml fresh lime juice
2 tsp caster sugar

Add all the ingredients to a shaker or a jar with a lid, shake with ice and strain over fresh ice or into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

Thursday – Boulevardier

Take a moment to ponder the week that’s (almost) been. This is essentially a Negroni for bourbon-drinkers, or a stepping-stone for adventurous Negroni-drinkers.

Either way, the Boulevardier cuts to the chase. It’s another three-ingredient wonder, and with no cocktail shaker required, it’s damn near impossible to mess up. In place of gin, this sipper uses Bulleit Rye whisky with Campari and sweet vermouth.

The Boulevardier
Serves two. Approximately 1.4 standard drinks per serve.

60ml Bulleit Rye whiskey
30ml Campari
30ml sweet vermouth
Still mineral water for dilution. (Allow 15 per cent dilution of mineral water if you’re going to serve the drink on ice and 20 per cent if you’re going to serve it immediately.)

Combine ingredients in a jug. Chill in fridge until time to serve.

Friday – Espresso Martini

Weekday (and, in many cases, weekend) productivity hinges on one thing: coffee. The traditionally vodka-based Espresso Martini is, unsurprisingly, the most common coffee-cocktail. So here’s a twist. Sub out vodka for Don Julio Reposado, add Mr Black cold-press coffee liqueur and cold brew, and you’ve got yourself a high-quality tequila-coffee pairing.

El Jefe
Serves one. Approximately 1.6 standard drinks.

40ml Don Julio Reposado
20ml Mr Black
30ml cold-brew coffee
10ml agave syrup

Shake all ingredients, then double-strain into a Coupe glass. Garnish with chocolate powder.

Saturday – Old Fashioned

The name says it all. As far as cocktails go, few are quite as “classic” as the Old Fashioned: a robust, bitter blend that leaves a citrusy aftertaste. Saturday nights are often reserved for celebrations – the likes of birthdays, engagements and weddings, and there’s something triumphant about the clink of two heavy rocks glasses.

With more than 100 years of history come just as many, if not more, interpretations of the Old Fashioned. Here Sean Baxter’s “golden” change-up uses dark agave, two types of bitters and a pinch of salt.

Sean Baxter’s Golden Old Fashioned
Serves one. Approximately 1.5 standard drinks.

45ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Scotch Whisky
1 tsp dark agave (honey or maple syrup is a good alternative)
2 dashes of Regans' orange bitters
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
Pinch of salt

Add the agave, bitters, salt and 30ml of whisky to a mixing glass and stir until combined. Add ice and stir until frost develops on the outside of the glass. Add the remaining whisky and stir. Strain the mixture into a heavy rocks glass and add a large chunk of ice. Garnish with a dehydrated lemon wheel or a twist of orange peel.

Sunday – Red Snapper

The ubiquitous Bloody Mary is hailed as the quintessential afternoon drink, and for good reason. Its fresh hit of tomato and lemon juice pulls focus like few other cocktails.

The Red Snapper is its not-so-common cousin. The juice-base here doesn’t change, but it swaps out vodka for Tanqueray No. TEN gin. Finish the week with a tang.

Jennifer Le Nechet’s Red Snapper
Serves one. Approximately 2 standard drinks.

60ml Tanqueray No. TEN
15ml lemon juice
90ml tomato juice seasoned with one pinch of pepper, one pinch of salt

Roll the ingredients in a shaker. Served in a Highball glass on ice. Garnish with dry carrot stick and celery pickles.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with World Class Drinking. Drink responsibly.