The pizzas are hot out of the oven, the wine’s ready to go and you’ve put on your comfy clothes. The only problem with this beautiful scene? You’ve overlooked the most important part: actually picking a film to watch during your low-key date night at home.

An at-home date night is generally much easier (and cheaper) than a big night on the town with your partner. Because there are fewer considerations – no stress about where to eat, whether or not to tip, no tossing up between a taxi and public transport – it’s extra important to have a good handle on the few decisions you absolutely have to make. Like which movie to watch and what to eat. We’re here to help you with both. These are the movies that should be on your shortlist, as well as which Rustica pizzas you need ready to go.

Home Alone

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Okay, it’s a Christmas movie but this classic holds up year-round – especially because, as Australians, we’re used to having the wrong weather for Christmas movies anyway. Directed by Chris Columbus (you’ll recognise his trademark warm tone from Mrs Doubtfire and the first two Harry Potter films), this is the flick that made Macaulay Culkin the most ubiquitous child actor of the ’90s. It’s fun, not too long and feel-good, and also features cheesy margherita pizzas prominently. We recommend enjoying this nostalgic film with a refined take on a traditional pizza, like the Rustica Thin and Crispy Margherita with its creamy mozzarella, oven-roasted tomatoes, and garlic basil pesto topping. Help yourself to a hot slice during one especially hilarious scene, which sees an elaborate prank pulled on an unsuspecting pizza delivery boy.

Mystic Pizza

When reviewing this romantic dramedy in 1988, legendary critic Roger Ebert stated, “I have a feeling that Mystic Pizza may someday become known for the movie stars it showcased back before they became stars.” And he was dead on. It not only stars a young Julia Roberts, it also marks Matt Damon’s film debut in a small, supporting role. The coming-of-age story follows three Portuguese-American friends fresh out of high school, who work in a pizzeria in seaside Connecticut as they juggle various romantic entanglements. At one point, a character describes a pizza as “superb … exactly the right blend of cheese, tomatoes and spices”. Giving a nod to classic American pizzas, we’d pair this ’80s favourite with the Rustica Thin and Crispy pizza topped with salami, four cheeses and basil pesto – in our opinion, the right blend of cheese, tomatoes and spices.

Eat, Pray, Love

Another Julia Roberts classic, Eat, Pray, Love is based on journalist Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of the same name. Feeling unfulfilled, Liz leaves her husband of eight years, and a successful career, to embark on a journey of self-discovery that takes her to Italy, India and Bali. The movie is especially remembered for its constant sumptuous food shots, particularly in the “eat” part of the film, set in Italy. If you time it just right, you’ll be able to tuck into your pizza just as, in one of the film’s most famous scenes, Liz digs into a pizza in Naples with considerable gusto. Our slice of choice for this moment would be the Rustica Sourdough Roasted Cremini Mushroom pizza, with four cheeses and a sprinkling of herbs.

Baby Driver

If action is more you and your partner’s speed, it’s hard to look past Baby Driver. This high-octane release from 2017 follows Baby, a young getaway driver in Atlanta, who tries unsuccessfully to switch from his life of crime to delivering pizzas. He soon finds himself coerced into taking part in another heist when a criminal mastermind threatens to hurt those he loves most. A movie this big and brazen demands a boldly flavoured pizza. Rustica’s Stone Baked Thin & Crispy pizza topped with Australian Angus beef, capsicum, red onion and a dash of smoky hickory barbeque glaze should do the trick nicely.

Miss Congeniality

If you like your action with a side of glamour and a heavy dollop of comedy, then Miss Congeniality is the one for you. Directed by Donald Petrie (who also directed Mystic Pizza) The film stars Sandra Bullock as Gracie Hart, a tomboy FBI agent asked to go undercover as a contestant in the Miss United States pageant. In one of the most memorable scenes, Gracie convinces her fellow contestants to finally let loose and have a night out, with seemingly endless slices of pizza slathered in every kind of topping, and fresh pints of beer. In the spirit of Gracie and the girls, we recommend indulging in Rustica’s Stone Baked Sourdough Salami and Double Smoked Leg Ham, with tasty toppings of caramelised onion relish, capsicum and grilled onion.

This article was produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Rustica.