ABC’s blockbuster mini-series War on Waste finished just a few months ago and in the weeks since, KeepCup sales have gone through the roof – up by 400 per cent across the country. The number of cafes participating in the Responsible Cafes movement has also grown, from 450 to 1800.

If you are thinking of acquiring your own – or a couple of extras – these charities sell new, branded KeepCups, which means your purchase will contribute to reducing waste and support a worthy cause. Here are a few to choose from. Most of them have cups in-store too.

The Refugee Advice and Casework Service
The Refugee Advice and Casework Service provides free, specialised legal advice to asylum seekers hoping to live in Australia. The organisation works with human rights lawyers to educate, advocate for and advise hopeful refugees during the difficult process of re-settling. Its KeepCups start at $14 and come in three sizes and two colours: black and grey.

Broadsheet Access members get special tables at busy restaurants, tickets to exclusive events and discounts on food, coffee, brand offers and more.

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Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels provides food, company and check-ups to members of the community who are unable to leave their homes. It delivers 14.8 million meals every year to the elderly and disabled and helps them stay in their own homes for longer. These KeepCups come in two sizes and start at $13.

The Climate Council
The Climate Council is a network of experts and volunteers who report on and research climate change in Australia. It works to provide accurate, up-to-date information to the public and the government. Its KeepCups are available from $14 and come in two sizes.

Australian Red Cross
The Australian Red Cross specialises in crisis relief in Australia and abroad. So far in 2017 it has provided relief to communities affected by Cyclone Debbie in Queensland; helped civilians in Syria and Afghanistan, and provided famine relief to South Sudan. Its KeepCups come in two sizes and in both plastic and glass, starting at $12.95.

Oxfam Australia
Oxfam’s work extends all over the world and focuses on in empowering local communities to tackle and alleviate poverty. In Australia it supports and advocates for Indigenous self-determination. Oxfam’s KeepCups come in one size and will set you back $15.95.