If you’ve ever dreamt of running your own restaurant, Broadsheet’s giving you the chance.

Our new restaurant project, the Broadsheet Kitchen, will be home to some of the country’s brightest new food talent, with four residencies across a 12-month period beginning soon. Pitch your vision and if you’re successful, you’ll land a three-month residency in the space, working with the country’s top hospitality professionals to bring your concept to life.

Do I have to be a chef?
No. You might be working front-of-house, as a bartender, barista, sommelier or operator, but you need to present an end to end concept and a strong menu that you or another chef can cook. You will need to have a clear vision of how your concept will come to life and be committed to learning and working with a team of industry professionals.

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Will I have to work?
Yes. You will be required to work full-time in the restaurant for the three months it’s open. You will either be working in the kitchen or front of house depending on your experience.

What are the next steps, after I apply?
The first round of applications is open until Friday July 27, and judging will begin in August. If you have been selected on our shortlist you will be contacted for an interview with the five Broadsheet Kitchen judges. Residency one will run from October to December.

What happens if I don’t qualify this year?
The Broadsheet Kitchen will run for 12 months. If you don't qualify for the first residency, there will be an opportunity to reapply later this year.

Where is it?
The Broadsheet Kitchen will be in inner-city Melbourne. If you don’t live in Melbourne you will need to provide your own accommodation for the duration of your residency.

Will I be paid?
Yes. You will be employed by the Broadsheet Kitchen, which will pay you a full-time wage for the three-month residency.

Do I have to quit my current job?
You will be required to commit to three months of full-time work in the Broadsheet Kitchen. You will need to make your own arrangements with your current employer.

What happens if I want to continue the restaurant?
At the end of your residency it is up to you what you decide to do with your concept. There may be opportunity to meet potential investors to discuss the future of your restaurant concept in another location. You will retain ownership of your concept.

Update: Entries are now closed. Watch this space.

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