Broadsheet is opening a restaurant. Actually, we’re opening four.

The Broadsheet Kitchen will host four different residencies over 12 months, beginning later this year. The restaurant will not only provide a platform for some of Australia’s most exciting new food talent, it will give each one the tools and mentorship to create a business that lasts.

To be a restaurateur means to be a specialist not only in food but customer service, marketing, bookkeeping, design, human resources and more. But few get exposure to this side of the restaurant business before they begin.

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Enter the Broadsheet Kitchen. Enter, you.

Are you an aspiring chef or operator with a restaurant concept you’ve been dying to get off the ground for as long as you can remember? Do you have a bold, boundary-pushing vision for the future of Australian dining? Is innovation at the heart of your desire to make a career in hospitality?

Candidates will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges (more on them to come) who represent the very best of Australian dining culture.

Entries are now open. Here’s an outline of the competition.


Concept criteria

• A vision for a restaurant, not just a menu
• Ambition to build a leading Australian restaurant
• A concept that pushes the Australian dining landscape forward

Judging criteria

When reviewing entries our judges will be looking at:

• Your vision
• The food
• The experience
• How innovative your concept is and how it impacts on the future of dining
• The concept’s personality
• Creativity
• Uniqueness
• How groundbreaking the concept is and whether or not it pushes the envelope
• Practicality/commercial sustainability


Final candidates will win:

• A three-month residency at the Broadsheet Kitchen
• Working under the operational guidance of industry leaders
• Mentorship from leaders in hospitality, branding and business, which are specific to winner’s concept
• A brand identity created for your concept
Broadsheet coverage throughout the residency
• The opportunity to be introduced to potential restaurant investors

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With the support of Estrella Damm, Honda, AAMI and Visa the Broadsheet Kitchen will change the dining landscape in Australia.