It’s been roughly 2190 days since In a Biskit was pulled from Australian shelves. Maybe you’ve counted every single one of those days, tormented by your craving for oven-baked, MSG-dusted effigies of chicken drumsticks.

Us? We didn’t even notice they’d left. (“We” meaning Broadsheet’s dozen or so editors, among whom I conducted a snap poll this afternoon.)

And yet we’re … strangely happy, excited even, that they’re back? As one editor put it, he a) didn’t notice they were gone and b) doesn’t care they’re back on shelves but c) “if I had a box next to me I’d hoover it”.

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Some other selected comments:

• “Is In a Biskit back????????????” – an editor who used this exact punctuation – not sure if out of excitement, disbelief, disgust or something else.

• “I didn’t even recognise what In A Biskit was by seeing the name” – an editor who had no childhood.

• “Is that the same thing as a Dixie drumstick?” – an astute editor. (For some reason the re-released “Drumstix” have dropped the iconic yet extremely confusing “Dixie” prefix.)

• “I used to lick the flavour off the outside when I was a kid, then throw away the biscuit” – an editor who should be ashamed of herself.

• “Vastly inferior Shapes, basically” – an editor who is internally considered to be something of an authority on processed snack foods.

• “It’s like a Chicken Crimpy-shaped like a drumstick. It’s pretty yum.” – an editor who wishes he had the clout of the editor above.

• “How is chicken flavour different from drumstick flavour?” – a very valid question from an editor who grew up outside of Australia.

• “‘Biskit’ is disturbingly close to ‘bizkit’.” – this editor, who once owned a Limp Bizkit CD.

“We’ve listened to the thousands of Aussies asking us to bring In A Biskit back. We couldn’t ignore their passion for one of Australia’s most iconic snacks, so we’re proud to announce its return,” wrote Lucy Fisher, marketing manager of savoury biscuits and meals (what a title!) at In a Biskit’s American owner, Mondelez, wrote in a press release sent to Broadsheet.

The special edition In A Biskit is available now at supermarkets and convenience stores nationally for $3.20. Available while stocks last.