Finally let go of your favourite sleeping T-shirt after one too many holes appeared? Finding a luxurious replacement was the inspiration behind Natalija Bouropoulos’s loungewear label, Natalija.

Launched two years ago, Bouropoulos’s line of silk slips, pyjama sets and camisoles began solely as sleepwear. But customers soon told her they wanted to wear her pieces outside of the bedroom.

“I thought, ‘why can’t we wear these pieces all the time? Who’s to say it’s just for sleeping or just for a special occasion?’” Bouropoulos says. “So I played with that idea of creating something to wear to bed [that can also be] daywear or eveningwear.”

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You can see the concept this season in the label’s best-selling slip. Done in luxurious deep-jewel colours, the popular take is to layer it over a T-shirt and pair with sneakers for the daytime, or shed the tee and add heels for a date-night look. And then, of course, you can wear it to bed.

Even the classic two-piece pyjama set can be worn out – provided you have the confidence. “I have worn the complete set out,” Bouropoulos says laughing. “It is possible if you style it well and don’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed!”

Bouropoulos makes all her pieces out of silk (they’re designed to be “kept forever”) and plays with textures and silhouettes to keep things fresh each season.

This collection is all about the silk satin – the shiniest variety of silk, which Bouropoulos says women love pairing with denim right now. Bouropoulos and her team have also begun making silk eyemasks and dustbags (the cloth bags clothes are delivered in) from offcuts during production.