Anyone who grew up on a healthy diet of Round the Twist and can remember Scott and Charlene’s wedding will appreciate the nostalgic tone of Skin and Threads’ collaborative line with Zoë Foster Blake.

The author, columnist, editor, app developer and beauty entrepreneur is taking on the fashion world with her 17-piece capsule collection, Iced ZoZo, which celebrates and references her love of retro-kitsch Australian icons.

“It’s got strong Australiana undertones, and flirts strongly with the ’80s,” Foster Blake tells Broadsheet.

Expect a fire-engine-red Merino sweater with a giant cockatoo, a smart silk shirt with an elegant Southern Cross monogram (yes, it’s possible), and a T-shirt with an old Torana printed on it. And of course, there’s a sweater with a giant Iced Vovo emblazoned across the front. It’s an easy way to add a bit of fun to any outfit, and not take winter dressing too seriously.

Foster Blake first announced her collaboration with the Australian label on her Instagram back in May: “Everyone's always saying, "Design more clothes, Zoë! Take your amateurish, uninformed and nonsensical ideas about style and weave them into fabric already!”

Iced ZoZo is available now both in stores and online.

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