A decade ago, sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann took their Sydney-based swimwear label to New York in search of international recognition. A few hours ago, Zimmermann’s designs were shown at New York Fashion Week for the fourth year in a row, bringing a dose of Australian beach culture to the Big Apple.

“Beachside suburbs like Surfers Paradise were developed into glamorous holiday spots and the must-visit honeymoon destination of the time,” creative director Nicky says, in her show notes.

It brings to mind salmon-pink high-rise apartments, kitschy casinos, an overcrowded Cavill Avenue and faces lined with flamingo-pink zinc. But collection Goldentime was about taking inspiration from the iconic photography of the Gold Coast in the '60s and ’70s through draping shell accessories, short hemlines, golden hues, a riot of floral prints and short riffs on board shorts. The references are sometimes subtle, but at other times err on the side of cliché.

“I was really attracted to the simple, sunny feeling in the photos,” she said. “The beautiful white sandy beaches and a radiant, golden light. This clear light is something very Australian for me and something I’m always drawn to. The blues are bluer and the colour just goes pop.”

Crisp, white Victorian-style shirtdresses with woven detailing and puffy shoulders came before floor-length white gowns with cut-outs. Full, ruffled skirts with tiny waists and short hemlines have been part of the design philosophy since the start, but this time they were paired with stretchy, long-sleeve midriffs in bold stripes.

Styled by Sydney’s Romy Frydman, the idea was to recreate the kind of free-spirited looks you’d expect to find on the beach, paired with fresh white sneakers and flats.

Zimmermann’s Goldentime will hit stores in February 2018.