Since sending her fashion blog,, live in December 2009, Sydney’s Romy Frydman has ridden the wave of changes in the fashion industry. One of the first Australian bloggers to carve out a niche in the digital fashion world, Frydman has worked as a creative director and stylist for Zimmerman, Calvin Klein, and collaborated with Prada, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Estee Lauder and Mecca Cosmetica, to name a few. She's also contributed for Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue Australia and the New York Times. is a revolving door of interesting people in the fashion world, with candid shoots in far-flung destinations and humorous travel journals. Something that sets Frydman’s work apart from the rest – there’s always 100 per cent of Romy behind everything that she does.

Frydman invites Broadsheet inside her Woollahra, Sydney home to share a few wardrobe and skincare essentials.

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Broadsheet: When did you first realise you wanted a career in fashion photography?
Romy Frydman: I’ve been a stylist for a very long time – I started my blog, 10 years ago now. It was through necessity I started getting behind the lens. As a result of sheer frustration at trying to organise different photographers for certain times and certain dates I decided it might be easier to pick up the camera myself. Now I’m doing film too, which is what I always wanted to do.

But I’ve always loved that side of the business. I studied photography during my fashion degree at RMIT and when I lived in New York I did film at NYU.

BS: What does an average week look like for you?
RF: Oh gosh. I’m always doing something different. Each day brings something new – I could be in the office; I could be shooting; I could be on set; I could be travelling …

BS: What’s the most incredible location you’ve shot?
RF: Anywhere with a beach. I am a massive fan of Australia – we have some of the most gorgeous coastlines in the world. But my favourite place to shoot would be in the Caribbean. The light is so perfect and the water is just insane: flat, still, blue. When I lived in New York I got to go to Barbados, the Bahamas and Jamaica a lot because they’re so close.

BS: Speaking of travel, what are your airplane essentials?
RF: I absolutely must have my Hobes shoes with me – they’re amazing lightweight little flippers and they’re perfect for the plane. I always, always take my own pillow and spray some WelleCo sleep spray mist onto it to help me relax. They also do some great sleepy-time teas that come on board with me too.

Kora by Miranda Kerr: she does this new noni radiant eye oil, which is really tiny and cute. And cashmere. I need some sort of cashmere, whether it’s a blanket or an eye mask.

BS: How would you describe your personal style?
RF: I like it to look effortless with a touch of sexiness. I’m a bit trapped in the ’70s. I feel like the ’70s was so loose and free and sexy.

BS: What was your most recent purchase?
RF: A lot of Gucci. I bought a bum bag and a skirt. Gucci is so colourful and fresh at the moment, but also a little bit vintage, which really appeals to me. It’s how I like to dress … it has that vibe. But then on the other hand I really like something elegant and sculptural like Ellery. I’ve bought a lot of her [Kym Ellery’s] work.

BS: How do you get dressed in the morning?
RF: The shoes always come first. I have to work out what I’m doing that day – whether it’s on-shoot or in the air – and then go from there. That’s why I’m a really big fan of white sneakers. I like to mix dressy looks with them: long Zimmerman dresses with flat trainers, things like that. For a more modern look I’ll go with my Balenciagas or, for something more classic, the Spring Courts.

BS: What are five makeup or skincare products you have on high rotation?
RF: Well, I use Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, but I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I’m quite natural in the way I approach the way I look so skin is very important to me. I go to Mel Grant for a facial and I credit her with every complement I get on my skin. She is the skin whisperer – she makes everything perfect.

I wear sunscreen everyday – I use Doctor Babor and I’ve recently discovered Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops, which I absolutely love.

I like to smell like the beach so I use a lot of coconut stuff. I use coconut oil on my body and Coqui Coqui coconut-scented candles and room atomizers in my house. For perfume I like to mix it up with essential oils, but I’ve always got a bottle of Santal Blush by Tom Ford.

BS: So far, what’s been your career highlight?
RF: My directorial debut! A series of films for Zimmerman and Cutler and Gross called Five Girls, Five Cities. We travelled to Sydney, Los Angeles, Miami, London and New York to showcase the selection. The StyleMeRomy print editions were also a career highlight for sure. We used to publish them ever year for fashion week. Shooting Gemma Ward for the cover was thrilling.

BS: Which models have you most enjoyed working with?
RF: I love working with good friends. Miranda Kerr and Phoebe Tonkin are just two names.