Amy Coombes has run Melbourne-based men’s and women’s fashion label Kloke with her husband Adam since 2011. Her days are active – she cycles to the office and often gets called in to help at the shop or warehouse at short notice. “I always like to make sure I’m in something pretty comfortable,” she says. “But I like to be neat as well.” Kloke garments – which Coombes wears almost exclusively – fulfil these requirements nicely, allowing her to transition from home, to work, to night-time socialising without changing anything, except maybe her shoes.

Coombes uses a Dermalogica cleanser and moisturiser in the morning and evening, and recently got onto The Ordinary’s face serum.

“I feel funny if I’ve got a lot of makeup on – I don’t feel myself.” Her only regulars are By Terry Click Brush liquid foundation paired with a skin-tone lipstick or lip balm.

Poms x Brendan Huntley earrings (gold) – $260
“Earrings can really change an outfit.” Coombes mixes it up between smaller, simpler pieces and larger “party earrings”. These are somewhere in-between – the dangly hearts can be removed to leave the sleepers behind.

Kloke Jacques Tie Top (pale grenadine) – $195
A 100 per cent cotton piece from the brand’s latest international collection – hence its summery look. Coombes likes this shirting fabric because you can throw it on and it “looks like you’ve put in more effort than you really have.” The back straps can be tied in a bow, but she likes how they look loose. “I don’t tend to show a lot of skin day-to-day, but I like the shoulder detail, too.”

Lucy Folk Le Memphis cuff (yellow gold) – $400
“I go through stages of wearing and not wearing jewellery. At the moment I am.”

Kieran Jackson Split Rings from Pieces of Eight gallery
“They were a gift from a whole group of friends. I never take them off. They’re a really treasured piece.”

Lucy Folk Dough Knot ring (rose gold) – $250
“Because I have those two rings that I wear all the time, if I’m buying something else it has to be a bit more fun and interesting.”

Wedding band
Another treasured piece, this time inherited from her mum. Coombes never takes it off.

Kloke Allure Tie Pant (mid-wash indigo) – $289
The elasticised Japanese-denim pants come from the same collection as the tie top. Coombes often rides to work in them, using ankle straps to keep them clear of her bike chain. “They have a really nice weight to them.”

Stella McCartney Praline Buckle Sandals – $1350
“We used them in a photo shoot two years ago and now I’ve got them. They have a really thick rubber sole and what feels like a suede inner. They’re really comfortable, like Birkenstocks.”

This story originally appeared in Melbourne Print Issue 25.