Woolmark, the not-for-profit organisation that certifies Australian wool, has put together a list of breathable, reusable face masks made with 100 per cent Aussie merino.

If you're loooking for an alternative to single-use, synthetic masks, there is now a range of options on its website, promising to be soft on the skin, as well as biodegradable. There are also instructions for how to wash them so they don’t shrink or wear out.

Knitwarm’s face masks, for example, are made in Hong Kong and have a dense, water-resistant woven exterior; a breathable, silver-coated, anti-bacterial inner layer (so you won’t get mask-ne, aka acne from wearing a mask); and a pouch for replaceable filters in-between. They come in a range of colours and there is a 10 per cent discount if you use the code on the Woolmark website. (Note: unlike surgical masks, these don’t meet requirements for bacterial or particle filtration efficiency.)

At present, face masks are mandatory for Victorians when outside, and recommended in New South Wales when it’s not possible to maintain social distancing. The level of protection provided by non-surgical face masks varies.

Find the latest coronavirus updates and advice via the federal Department of Health. You can also check out our list of Australian face masks here.