Despite our furry friends having built-in outerwear, whippets in particular tend to feel the cold, which is why Jemma Thomas started Coat the Label. The company produces minimalist merino-wool garments designed specifically for whippets.

“Clothing for whippets is essential due to their short coats and low body fat,” Thomas says. “They need to be warm and comfortable whether they’re outside or in. Finding this flexibility in a dog garment was difficult, especially one that was minimal, classic and understated.”

Intended for the discerning sighthound [a hunting dog that primarily hunts by sight and speed], Coat the Label combines elegance with breathable, warming whippetwear.

“Each garment has been designed for warmth and ease of wear,” says designer Thomas. “High in the neck, long in the back and full coverage across the chest was key.”

The simple turtleneck design comes in three staple shades of black, charcoal and grey, and will set you back $79 plus shipping. A new colour will be released every season; this winter it was a cosy olive green.

Catering to small, medium and large whippets, and with greyhound coats next on the agenda, expect to see more trendy canines walking the streets soon.

“I’m keeping it within the sighthound family, as it is very difficult to find garments designed specifically for them with their unique body types,” Thomas says. “Greyhounds, thankfully, are becoming household pets [and] rescue rates are increasing, so they are definitely something I want to create for as soon as possible.”