The way we think about beauty is changing. And Adore Beauty is on the beat. The beauty e-tailer has teamed up with Soon Future Studies to define what the future of the industry looks like. In a report titled “The State of Beauty”, which outlines a number of trends and key learnings from six months of research, we’ve learned there’s a new wave of beauty archetypes taking over. Which one are you?

The Skinspert

Talking to the Skinspert is like learning a new language – they’re fluent in all things active and hard-to-pronounce ingredients (they never falter on hyaluronic acid or niacinamide). The Skinspert matches up with the trend of peer-reviewing, where consumers use real-life endorsements for products (hello #beautytok) as a reason to buy, rather than the celebrity-led advertising that once dominated. “Beauty audiences have never had more choice about how and when they consume information. This has sharpened all of us to be more attuned to what works best for our unique needs. In a world of possibilities, community and curation is the new luxury,” Adore Beauty’s head of brand marketing Chelsea Healey says. Looking towards experts and communities that offer a sense of accredited evidence and knowledge-backed advice is more important than ever for consumers. Best-selling products like Skinceuticals C E Ferulic serum and Viviology liquid exfoliant feature regularly in the Skinsperts shopping cart.

The Pleasure Seeker

In the pursuit of mood-boosting beauty, the Pleasure Seeker has an indulgent approach to wellbeing. This beauty archetype is tapped into the emerging trend of “joyscaping”, which the report outlines as an opportunity to embrace play as an antidote to today’s mental and physical stress. “Our sensory experiences have a direct impact on our emotional state. Being intentional with the colours, scents and even shapes we surround ourselves with can be a subtle but powerful way to influence how we feel on a daily basis,” Dr Lucy Morrish clinical psychologist at The Mind Room says. Anything from colourful sex toys and bold pigment blush and lip tint to sensory stimulating home fragrance falls into the pleasure seeker’s remit of self-expression and joy.

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The Bio-Hacker

According to the report, in the past 12 months, 69 per cent of us have become more aware of our stress and anxiety levels, and half of us are now prioritising our health and wellness more than we were pre-pandemic. The definition of wellness is increasingly shifting away from aesthetic perfection to more holistic notions of wellbeing – the trend for “flourishing” captures a renewed commitment to whole body-mind wellness. “As the world around us [becomes] increasingly unstable, beauty consumers will continue to carve out deeply regenerative opportunities for healing, rest and rejuvenation,” strategic futures director at Soon Future Studies Tully Walter says. If this sounds like you, PMD’s silk sleep mask, Supergenes Sleep Support capsules from The Beauty Chef and Habitual Beauty’s hydrating overnight mask are instant add-to-carts. The Bio-Hacker also looks to how tech can enhance their routine and lifestyle, embracing tools for at-home LED light therapy and activity trackers.

You can read the full report here.

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