I was first introduced to Eye of Horus by way of its
Goddess mascara, a flake-free formula that gives just enough lash for daily wear. But it was the fine-tipped brow pencil that really got me hooked. So when the brand’s latest launch – a self-proclaimed “second skin” foundation – arrived on my desk, I was keen to put it to the test.

Falling into the make-up-meets-skincare category, this new formula includes ingredients that claim to nourish, hydrate, soothe and firm skin. This matches the trend for foundations that enhance your complexion, rather than simply covering it up.

The bottle needs a really good shake to get things going. This is mostly due to the moringa oil – a veritable “wonder ingredient” – which gives the product its dewy finish and hydrating feel. I found it was best to work the product in with my fingers, sweeping the liquid formula across my cheeks and buffing it into my skin towards the hairline, but you can use a brush to blend if you prefer (the brand ranges a fluffy vegan buffing brush with a short handle that is the perfect size for travel).

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While I don’t love the phrase “buildable coverage” – arguably any product can be layered to reach a desired level of cover – the Second Skin foundation does blend well. One layer felt heavier than the skin tints I generally reach for each day, but a second swipe and some strategic concealer gave me a full face that didn’t feel cakey or suffocating on the skin.

The claim of long wear stands up. I wore this foundation on a 30-degree day in New York and I’ve also put it to the test on windy, wintery days in Sydney. It’s marked as SPF25+, however I chose to wear additional sunscreen under it as a base, which the product played with happily. I’ve been battling a bout of acne (most likely from overdoing it on the beauty testing, oops) that wasn’t inflamed by this formula. And its oil-rich base comforted dry skin triggered by the aforementioned long-haul flight and return to cold weather.

Eye of Horus currently offers four shades of its Second Skin foundation: fair/light, light/medium, warm/medium and deep/tan. You can take the shade-finder quiz to work out your best colour match. The brand’s Ritual Skin foundation stick caters to a wider range of skin tones.


This story was first published on June 20, 2023 and has since been updated

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