On April 1, Australian footwear label Volley posted this faux design on Instagram, declaring it the “ultimate shoey”. But when scores of fans went wild for the Victoria Bitter sneaker design, the beer brand saw an opportunity.

“When we first saw Volley’s April Fools’ Day hoax, it sparked some thinking in our office,” says Victoria Bitter’s marketing director Hayden Turner. “We saw the popularity of the post [and] we felt this was a good opportunity to offer something different to our drinkers.”

Now the joke collaboration is reality. Today, Volley launched its first partnership with Victoria Bitter – a collection featuring a pair of sneakers, a limited-edition insulated cooler and retro-inspired socks.

The label chose to use its Heritage High sneaker silhouette, an iteration of the 1982 Volley High Leap design. Along with the iconic VB logo, the sneaker also features Victoria Bitter founder Thomas Aitken’s signature on the side.

The VB x Volley sneakers retail at $84.99; the insulated cooler pack (which comes with a pair of sneakers inside) is $94.99; and the socks are $14.99. All products are available online at Volley and Victoria Bitter.