On average, Australian women use 12,000 tampons, pads and liners in their lifetime. In our valiant efforts to lead more sustainable lives, we’re always on the lookout for more ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Tom Organic, a conscious brand taking care of our period needs, offers organic and biodegradable single-use tampons and pads, plus reusable period underwear and a reusable period cup.

I tested the original mid-rise midi briefs ($15), launched in 2020. Made using organic cotton, each pair can hold up to three tampons’ worth of blood. They may not make you feel cute, but they are effective. As someone who does an Olympic gymnast’s floor routine every night while I sleep, I was very happy with the lack of leakage. I’ve also worn them hiking and found them to be comfortable and absorbent.

The new range of bikini-style briefs, launched on July 5 2021, have a super-absorbent gusset, they don’t bunch-up when you wear them, and you can rinse and wash them in the machine with all your other clothes. They’re made to be changed every eight hours, but it completely depends on your flow. They have flat seams, so they sit discreetly under clothes, and they have an elasticated waistband. Sizes range from six to 20.

Now, you might want to wear the undies in tandem with other period products – tampons or a period cup. My first foray into the period cup world was not a successful one: I found myself unable to break the cup’s seal and frantically Googling how to retrieve it. It turns out, finding the perfect cup isn’t as simple as grabbing a box of tampons off the shelf at your local supermarket.

The Tom Organic cup ($40) is made from medical-grade silicone and comes in two sizes. It has indents to aid insertion and removal and comes with a revolutionary steriliser case, so you can clean your cup in the microwave. I gave it a go. The cup felt softer than others and I was able to remove it relatively easily. Our tip: use the sizing chart to make sure you find your perfect fit before giving it a go.


Additional reporting by Emma Joyce.