Anne Salem loves her job. The head of Make-Up Artistry at Clarins gets to play with products, and create colour palettes that make people happy. “So yeah, it’s good!” she says.

The fact that we’ve only been able to reveal the top half of our faces for much of the past two years has only increased Salem’s fervour to let the eyes do the talking.

“The masks have highlighted that need for amping up other features – brows, eyes, skin, different haircuts like fringes, and hair colours – just to stand out,” she says. “One key is to groom the brows and really make them quite defined without heavily filling them in – just brushing them into place.”

Another prep tip is to apply Double Serum Eye to the eye area each morning. It’s an anti-ageing treatment with 13 plant extracts, including turmeric and organic wild chervil, that’s designed to smooth wrinkles, reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles, and strengthen the skin around the eyes. Once that’s dabbed on, you’re ready to launch into one of these three looks.

The clean eye
As the name suggests, this look is fresh and well-balanced, and so it’s reliant on a nice even base.

“Use a foundation or a complexion product like a BB cream to give the skin a finish that’s not too cakey or too thick,” says Salem. “I always like to use a concealer under the eyes because then it makes the eyes really pop, but also across the eyelid, which cancels any redness and makes the eyes and face look clean and united. Then you’ve got the opportunity to pop the mascara on. I go in with two products: a waterproof eyeliner and a mascara that will amp up my eyelashes.”

Here’s a hot tip: don’t use the eyeliner on the waterline – put it on the base of the lashes.

“The ‘tight line’ is where you use a flat or an angled eyeliner brush,” says Salem. “I flip the lid a little bit and I go in at the root of the lashes. That does two things. If you’ve got hooded eyes, it allows you to wear eyeliner without it creasing into your hood, but it also really defines the white of your eyes, and then it creates a thickening base for your mascara.”

The bronze look
Coming into the warmer months, minimal make-up can be appealing. Every year, Clarins puts out a limited-edition bronzer, and this year the Bronzing Compact from the Summer Colour Collection has a finely-milled, three-tone matte effect. You might use the middle tone to create the base, then the deeper tone for contour, or you could blend them together by running a brush across all three.

“You can do a whole face with bronzer,” says Salem. “You can apply it on your lips underneath your gloss. You can contour the eyelids.”

For the eye area, work the bronzer into the socket with a fluffy brush, blending it outwards.

“The contrast is beautiful with a tight-line eye and lashings of mascara,” Salem says. “And you can take the excess of the bronzer and run it across your eyelid. That way you can marry everything together.”

The golden eye
Unleash your inner Bond girl with this vivid golden look – although Salem says you could equally use any bold colour, such as hot pink, bright yellow or teal. Think this year’s Met Gala.

“That whole look using the inner corner of the eye is very current,” Salem says. “It’s perfect for the summer season, and if you’re not an expert in eye make-up application, you’ll be relieved that this basically involves one colour!”

Sweep the eyeshadow – such as the golden-hued shades from Clarin’s limited edition Ombre 4 Colours Eyeshadow Palette – across your eyelid with a fluffy brush.

“Now, the key to keeping it in place is to use a fixing make-up spray,” Salem says. “I actually spray my brush with it. Then you can get a really good application on your eye, sweeping it across the eyelid and blending it all the way outwards.”

If you’re using gold, you could also blend some under the brow bone to marry the look. Or, if you’ve used something like teal or pink on the lids, use a neutral colour beneath the brow.

Et voila! Three distinct looks. Now you just need to colour-coordinate your mask collection.

This article was produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Clarins.