We might technically be nearing the end of summer but the weather forecast isn’t showing any signs of letting up yet. Hot weather and humidity is a recipe for sweat marks. But these products make staying cool and dry a breeze.

Paire merino-blend tank top

$60 Paire merino-blend tank top Paire’s Breezeblend fabric is a breathable, moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating must-have for summer wardrobes. This tank is the perfect piece to wear while exercising, sleeping or generally just trying to beat the heat. The brand also offers tees and cami tops in the same merino-blend fabric.

Thankyou antiperspirant deodorant

$14.95 Thankyou antiperspirant deodorant Thankyou has formulated a 48-hour deodorant that's stain-free and safe on sensitive skin – and its refillable. The roll on comes in two scents: cypress and cedar and coconut and santal. The 50-millilitre bottle is made from 94 per cent recycled plastic. Refills come in a 100-millilitre bottle, which will top you up twice.

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Skoop Skincare Dry Touch hand cream

$32.95 Skoop Skincare Dry Touch hand cream If your palms are sweaty but you’re not willing to lose yourself to the awkwardness of a clammy handshake, Melbourne brand Skoop Skincare has got you covered. Its dry touch hand cream claims to aid in the absorption of excess moisture, while still offering a soothing and nourishing formula. The brand also offers the cream as part of a duo with its anti-chafe balm.

Underwunder Perspiration Protectors starter pack

$43.18 Underwunder Perspiration protectors starter pack Armpit sweat and odour can cause increased anxiety or stress – which can lead to even more perspiration. Underwunder makes disposable cotton pads that can help save your clothes from staining (and stinking). Simply pop a liner in the pit of your top to help soak up any excess moisture throughout the day. You can buy a bundle of black and white liners to match your wardrobe best.

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