At last – warmer days are here. But fashion stylist Jade Leung knows there’s no one-style-fits-all approach to dressing for unpredictable Spring weather.

“You need pieces that go from say, a beautiful sunny day at 11am, to 1pm when it might be freezing,” she says. It’s an approach captured in the look of a new Uniqlo range from artistic director Christophe Lemaire. Former artistic director for Lacoste and Hermès (and currently with his own namesake label), Lemaire may not have designed the cult Japanese retailer’s latest Uniqlo U Future LifeWear collection specifically for Melbourne weather, but his focus on everyday classic pieces lends itself well.

“He has this great way of tailoring pieces to make them accessible [but] with a luxury feel,” says Leung.

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Lemaire’s new Uniqlo spring/summer 2020 collection boasts more than 100 new pieces across men’s and women’s wear, designed for everyday but inspired by classic vintage workwear.

Here’s five pieces Leung has her eyes on.

Men’s U Blocktech trench coat, $249.90
It might be in the categorisation but Leung says gender plays no role here.

“It’s because [the collection]’s got beautiful tailoring. Even with the womenswear, nothing’s particularly darted. It’s all quite clean and straight lines, which really lends itself to being mixed and matched, be it men’s or womens.”

This sleek, long trench coat in two colours is made with Uniqlo’s waterproof and weather-resistant Blocktech material. ”We all need a trench coat – everyone should [have one],” says Leung. “This is something that would slot into my wardrobe easily. I can just throw that over anything.”

Women’s U wide-fit curved pants, $59.90
Cinched at the waist, these pants fall in a straight line that lengthens, making them flattering for multiple body types. It also comes in a lighter twill jersey material, as well as a denim version.

“As a silhouette it’s really versatile,” says Leung. “I would wear these as a dressy option. I can see it with a fitted tank, which I know seems really basic. But I think the fabric they’ve chosen makes it a really versatile, summery injection to the collection.”

Women’s U shirt jacket, $79.00
“I think it has a really beautiful form and the tie makes it versatile,” says Leung of this shirt jacket that puts a feminine take on the classic trench. “I would definitely go for black with that one. Just because I’ve got so much black in my wardrobe already, but it’ll look good on any outfit.”

Women’s U fitted tank top, $14.90
When you’re layering for warmer months, it’s important to have something light and breathable for your base,” says Leung. “This Tank translates to all seasons.”

Leung says she’d tuck these into the Wide Fit Curved Pants. “It’s something very everyday and works when looking at completing a full look,” she says. “The wide fut curved pants have a bit more drama to the silhouette, so you can mix it with something a little bit more fitted and plain. This collection has done really well with [making]every item [able to] be jigsawed with others easily.”

Women’s U sweat half-zip long-sleeve pullover shirt, $49.90
“I’m just one of those people who are never warm enough,” says Leung. “Even in the summer, I’m always wearing long sleeves. Which seems nuts but it’s just how I am. So if I don’t have a jacket that day or I’ve forgotten to bring one, I’d be very happy in this pullover.”

Leung’s picks are flexible, but she says the core theme is versatile essentials.

“It’s just things you know you’ll always need, on an almost daily basis,” she says. “Aesthetically, it defines you. [But] you can put a personal edge on it.”

Uniqlo U 2020 Spring/Summer’s line of Future LifeWear Essentials launches on September 17.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Uniqlo.