As a chronically online beauty lover, I think we’re in the PE: the post-Euphoria era . For its majority Gen-Z audience, this HBO series has ushered in a new approach to beauty; one defined by playful experimentation and unabashed self-expression. The show champions what was once deemed awkward and embarrassing: the pimple patch.

Four years ago, the idea of leaving home with a star-shaped pimple patch glued to my face would have left me mortified. In my mind, they belonged in the “for my eyes only” category – along with any Hannibal Lecter-esque sheet masks and brow tints.

Now, it seems I can’t escape them. Donned by everyone from influencer Devon Lee Carlson and model Hailey Bieber, to the barista at my local cafe, these bright, glossy patches seem to have everyone in a chokehold. The patches are doused in hydrocolloid – an absorbing fluid that helps fight bacteria. Gen-Zers are embracing the trend, fusing skin-acceptance with style.

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A quick scroll of #pimplepatches on TikTok shows users sporting novelty stickers, in the shape of stars, clouds and even Hello Kitty. It seems the bolder, the better. Just like one might have accessorised with a signature necklace or bold lip, pimple patches have become a style statement.

Cult Gen-Z beauty brand Starface – known for its spot stickers – recently partnered with London-based fashion label Kiko Kostadinov for a Paris Fashion Week showcase. Models strutted down the runway sporting silver stars on their cheekbones.

As someone who has dealt with bouts of acne for the past decade or so, there’s something quietly affirming about seeing people brazenly wearing a patch out in the wild. The rise in skin-positivity and self-expression among Gen-Z has resulted in a surge of both local and international brands selling pimple patches.

Several Australian beauty brands are on board with PPs. Skin Control has had patches since 2018. For something a little more playful, the Party Pack is an emoji dreamworld.

Though technically not a pimple patch, Melbourne-based beauty brand Conserving Beauty’s Zit Strips penetrate the skin and are also dissolvable (win win).

For or a more understated example, TBH has packs of 72 patches, ensuring enough for any significant breakouts. Then there’s the aforementioned Starface, which offers a range of galactic-inspired patches to make you feel like a star, even when you’re breaking out.

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