Hook one, purl two. There’s something meditative about getting in the flow with your crochet hook. And while staying in to make chunky sweaters, oversized scarves and cosy beanies feels like quite a seasonal activity, Cardigang proves knitting and crochet can be fun for summer, too.

The Melbourne company, which first launched with DIY knit kits in late 2020, has expanded its summer collection this year.

The range includes a new yarn to work with: raffia, a natural fibre made from the leaves of the raffia palm. It has a rustic texture that we often associate with tropical holidays and cocktails served in fancy glassware. You can use it to crochet different styles of clutches, totes, bucket hats and more. There are nine colours to choose from – you can use multiple colours for some projects.

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Other favourites in the range include the Luna tie top, a crochet project that uses chunky cotton yarn and is finished with a lightly frilled trim and two bows to close the front. There’s the more minimalist Layla knit top too, which is held together in the front by two invisible clasps. And the Luca tank is a classic easy-to-wear summer staple.

As with Cardigang’s other DIY kits, these include the exact amount of yarn you’ll need, access to a suite of tutorials to learn from, a “made by me” tag to affix to your creation, a darning needle and a drawstring bag. You can add on a crochet hook or knitting needles if you don’t already have them.

Already know what you’re doing? Crafters can also buy supplies and tools on Cardigang’s website – including spools of the new raffia yarn.


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