Fashion and film have always been entwined. Designers are creating short films as lookbooks, and runways have always referenced films. But could the new concept of shoppable films be something we can look forward to?

When Kingsman sequel, The Golden Circle, premieres later this month you’ll notice Colin Firth looking as debonair as ever – the clean lines of his suit jacket, the way it perfectly frames his shoulders. You’ve decided you like it, you want it, and now you can actually buy it. Perpetuating the idea that spies have endless reams of cash, this collection is not cheap.

The film spawned its own label, Kingsman, in 2015, for those who want to dress as dapper as the characters on screen. Acclaimed costume designer Arianne Phillips (A Single Man, Walk The Line) launched it in conjunction with the first film – Kingsman: The Secret Service – which lets audiences shop looks from the film, online.

In the sequel, the dapper British spy network meets its American counterparts, the Statesman, featuring Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum. Their presence brings a touch of smart Americana, so when Phillips teamed up with menswear e-tailer Mr Porter and the film’s director Matthew Vaughn for a new “costume to collection” range, the focus slightly shifted.

“Tailoring still provides the bridge between Kingsman and Statesman (who wear tailoring with more casual fabrications and detailing),” Mr Porter buying manager Sam Kershaw tells Broadsheet. “With the Statesman, Matthew Vaughn has said previously he wanted them to be to Americana what Kingsman is to Britannia. James Coburn, Steve McQueen and Burt Reynolds were all influences.”

The collection launches today exclusively on Mr Porter and will include Phillips’ original suiting alongside some collaborative pieces.

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“The collection includes a contemporary take on Savile Row and traditional British tailoring with emblematic American-inspired casualwear,” says Kershaw. “This collection is not only for loyal Kingsman film fans, but fans of the Kingsman brand who appreciate quality craftsmanship and provenance of garments.”

Mr Porter has also brought in Turnbull & Asser shirts, glasses from Cutler & Gross and George Cleverley shoes to the collection. “Our approach in deciding which brands to work with was a very similar approach to when we launched the first collection – essentially working with brands that would resonate in both the film and on Mr Porter,” says Kershaw. “For the new Statesman pieces in the collection, we knew that we wanted to partner with brands that the characters would have worn themselves.”

Kingsman has launched on Mr Porter.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle premieres on September 28.