A new pair of R.M. Williams boots can set you back several hundred dollars or more, but their lifespan is famously long. A true investment piece, they're worth the money - but any discounts are, of course, more than welcome.

During the month of October, the brand will be offering customers a pretty excellent deal. Just bring in a pair of your old leather boots, and you'll score $100 off a new pair of R.M. Williams. If you were planning on replacing some old footwear anyway, this is your perfect moment.

But it gets even better if the well-worn boots you're swapping over are R.M. Williams own. If that's the case, you get $150 off a new pair in store. All traded R.M.Williams will be restored and replenished, then kept for a resale initiative that will launch next year. All other boots will be donated to the Worlds Biggest Garage Sale.

In Victoria and under lockdown? You can still get on board - as explained on the R.M. Williams website, the brand have coordinated a special mail swap for those in lockdown.

The opportunity is only running this month, through to October 25, 2020. You can find your closest store participating here.


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