For this month’s instalment of The Principles, Double Rainbouu’s owner-designer Mikey Nolan shares his island-hopping wardrobe essentials.

In March, we went to Thailand to shoot our DR x Le Specs campaign and stayed at the Marriott Nai Yang, a beautiful spot on the north-west coast of Phuket. After that we went to Koh Yao Yai and explored all the beautiful islands between Phuket and Krabi. Here’s a peek at a couple of wardrobe postcards from somewhere you’d rather be.

2Way Waist Bag, Porter ($184)

A bum bag is an essential item for any destination, but especially for island hopping. Mesh-lined pockets on swim shorts aren’t good for carrying much at all. Porter’s two-way waist bag will be your new best friend. The fabric and hardware are near indestructible and it has a little compartment for everything – things you’d never even think of.

Tip: Get a carabiner so you can clip your keys, cap, slides, sunnies etc. on.

The Sea the Stars T-Shirt, Double Rainbouu ($85)

It’s always a good idea to get your sartorial holiday theme going.

Tip: wear this under your cap to protect your neck and shoulders from the sun.

Cold Wave Peach Ripple Sunnies, Double Rainbouu x Le Specs ($89)

Sunnies are, of course, a must. And these ones have a little flower eyelet on the tip of the temple and come with a neck strap, so they’re not going overboard or anywhere without you. The peach-ripple print keeps you in theme again and will go with your sound wave swim shorts.

Instax Square Camera, Fuji ($129.95)

You need a Fuji Instax for travel because holiday moments are always worth hanging onto for dear life. Its square prints are also good for giving to friends you meet along the way, or even for remembering where your little bungalow is (in the rainforest at night they all look the same). You can also find them at Harvey Norman.

Tip: The Sq10 instant camera is great because you can edit and delete pics, and print good ones multiple times.

Plastic Waterproof Money Holder ($5.48)

Basically when island hopping you need as many things attached to you as possible. And if they float as well then that’s an added bonus. Keep your money or whatever you like dry, wearing this little guy around your neck.

Tip: You could buy this online but basically you’re better off finding one at little roadside convenience stores when you're scooting around from beach to beach.

Pali Hawaii Jandals, Lavahut ($15)

You’ll also need as many pairs of obscure slides as you can find. We stopped at every single Family Mart, always seeking the holy grail of roadside slides. Lava Hut in Hawaii sells these awesome ones online, which are very island appropriate. They have weave-pattern straps and come in lots of fun colours.

Sound Wave Swim Shorts, Double Rainbouu ($120)

These shorts are your “Koh” island must haves. Made with a soft quick-dry nylon, they’re all about comfort. They’re easy to get on and off and are perfect for the beach, plane, scooter, sleep and beach bar.

Backpack, Sandqvist ($247)

When visiting a tropical island, you don't need much stuff and you’ll want to travel light anyway. This backpack is the perfect size. It has all the pockets you need, including a padded laptop pouch – because we’re never really on holidays are we?

Paradise City Printed Canvas Tote Bag, Double Rainbouu ($29)

You need this to carry all the roadside slides you buy.

Emergency Poncho, Family Mart ($2)

It definitely rains in the tropics and you’ll need one of these in case it rains during your scooter ride home. They come in all sorts of fun pastel colours, too.

AO 2-Eye Leather Boat Shoes, Sperry ($159)

Boat shoes are the perfect general summer shoe and are definitely perfect for getting in and out of boats, walking along reefs at low tide and cruising in to hit the strip at Patong.

Pirate Bay Long-Sleeve Shirt, Double Rainbouu ($220)

This long-sleeve shirt definitely takes you from the beach to the beach bar, which doesn’t sound that far, but can be. Our new super soft mercerised cotton voile is perfect for hot climates and the long sleeve gives you extra sun protection. This one features a print called Pirate Bay – on theme again.

Tip: Good worn wet as a sun shirt while swimming.

Amnesia Spray Jacket, Double Rainbouu ($310)

A light jacket like this is all you need. They pack down to nothing and are perfect if it rains or the wind picks up when you’re at that little seafood restaurant on the beach sipping your first Singha.

Thai-Style Fishing Hat

These are great for sun protection and are not bad worn under your helmet for evening bike rides. It means less bugs in your mouth!

Tip: Best bought roadside.

This article was updated on December 12, 2018.