“I wanted to debunk the stigma that you can’t buy quality haircare from the supermarkets,” People Haircare founder Katherine Ruiz tells Broadsheet. And it’s fair to say she’s succeeded: the brand is selling over 4000 products a week.

Founded in 2022, People Haircare aims to counteract the lack of high-calibre products in supermarkets, and the inaccessible price of those in hair salons.

The formula is uncomplicated. Ingredients like papaya, almond, coconut oil and mango are listed on the back of each bottle. The plant-based products are soap- and gluten-free. And the bottles are made from 100 per cent recyclable materials.

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According to the brand, one of the $16 All-In-One Leave In Treatments is sold every 30 seconds. This product claims to add shine, reduce frizz, moisturise, strengthen, heal split ends, detangle, give body, repair damage and protect colour.

The latest launches are for the curly girls and guys – including a Curl Shampoo, Curl Conditioner and Curl Enhancing cream that promise bouncy, defined curls with reduced frizz.

Ruiz understands the curly hair battle. “As someone with curly hair, and having struggled to find suitable products in supermarkets, it became clear that there was a need for a premium curl range at an affordable price.”

People Haircare also recently launched the Frizz Free oil, a lightweight treatment designed to tame hair using argan and jojoba oils, which also offer hydration – it’s a great choice for winter. “When heading into the cooler months it’s super important to opt for deep conditioning treatments,” Ruiz says.

People Haircare is available online and in over 800 Coles supermarkets nationwide.


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