The bold, primary-coloured pump bottles and tubes with cute faces give you an indication of the fun and delight Aussie beauty entrepreneur and author Zoë Foster Blake wants to bring to the little people she’s making her new skincare range for.

Her plant-based bath and body-care range for children and babies – called Gro-To, a spin-off of her original line Go-To – is out today. The packaging, designed by Australian artist Beci Orpin, was made to look and feel fun, inspired by ’80s toys. “I want to give children a sense of ownership about their body, and what’s used on it,” said Foster Blake in a statement.

There are four products in the range: a water-based body moisturiser ($26), a calming lavender-scented room mist ($15), a body oil ($32) and a body wash/bubble bath ($25). They’re all free from synthetics, harsh soaps, silicones and sodium lauryl sulphate, and are pH-balanced for infant skin.

The former beauty editor told her Instagram followers last week she’d been working on the range since 2016. “As I doused my two-year-old son’s dry, itchy, pissed-offy skin in Go-To Face Hero, I questioned why I was again using face oil on my toddler. The answer was that I knew it would calm and soothe and replenish his irritated skin. I trusted it, and it really helped. Why would I use anything else? Then it dawned on me: what if I made Go-To for babies and kids??”

Gro-To, the range for Go-To children and babies, is out now.