When you’re trying to make hot girl summer happen and hitting the beach every weekend, you want to have more than just a couple of swimsuit options. But if you also aren’t keen on buying multiple sets, Aussie swimwear label Baiia has the solution.

Amber Boyers founded Baiia in 2016 to provide women with sustainable, versatile and universally flattering swimsuits. In order to avoid falling into the common fashion trap of churning out brand new pieces each season, she designed reversible, multi-piece suits that can be styled different ways to look like brand-new combinations.

The bikinis come in four pieces – two chest panels designed to be layered over each other with a deep V-neck, a high-waisted bottom and a detachable tie that can be used to style the different looks. Each of the three main panels are reversible, usually with a solid colour on one side and a complementary pattern on the other.

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There are heaps of ways to wear it – I’ve counted at least 10, but there might be more. The cropped tops can be worn down to look like a one-piece or scrunched up into an obvious bikini, with the tie around the waist, in a bow on the side, or used to create an even deeper neckline.

If you’d rather stick to just maillots, Baiia also has three-piece wrapsuits that work similarly, with a reversible one-shoulder bodysuit and a separate chest panel for the other side, plus the tie. You can create four distinct looks with one bodysuit, or more if you mix and match with another design.

The swimsuits are made with recycled Italian nylon from industrial and post-consumer waste, including fishnets, carpets, plastic bottles and textiles; the material has also been certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, meaning the textiles are free from harmful substances. And because of its versatility, you’ve essentially got multiple swimsuits in one – lessening the need to buy more and contribute to environmental waste.

Baiia also has a range of resortwear to match with your swimsuits, including summer dresses, skirts and sarongs. The men’s range features board shorts in some of the brand’s most popular prints, and there’s even a small range for kids.


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