A quick look in your bathroom cabinet is probably enough proof your beauty and skincare regime is alarmingly plastic-heavy. And while a slew of Aussie brands are doing their bit to tackle plastic waste in the beauty industry – with shampoo bars, dissolvable sheet masks and biodegradable packaging – new Melbourne company Remi Beauty’s solution is a little different (and quite a bit more beautiful). It’s launched a luxe “moisturiser stone” that’s plastic-free and resembles a gemstone.

Founders Kiyoung Sung, who has a background working in corporate for personal- and beauty-care companies, and aromatherapist Marta Novovic founded the company after getting a glimpse of the environmental destruction wrought by Big Beauty.

“In the corporate world, the focus was always on achieving revenue and profit targets,” Sung tells Broadsheet. “Sure, we focused on creating an experience, but it was always with the goal of selling more, more, more – rather than taking care of our customers or our environment.”

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The duo’s product is not only eye-catching, it’s also effective. Available in both day and night formulations, it’s designed to glide over the face (similar to a gua sha, or Chinese massage stone) and release native botanical oils into the skin. The stone can be used not only as a face and neck moisturiser, but also as an eye cream and lip balm. Once it’s used up, it leaves no trace (each stone lasts around three months).

Novovic hand makes each stone in her Melbourne lab, using native ingredients such as Kakadu plum oil, white cypress oil and Australian sandalwood oil, which are rich in anti-inflammatory phytosterols (natural molecules that help replenish and hydrate the skin) and omega fatty acids.

The day stone contains Blue Oléoactif, an active ingredient said to protect against blue light and pollution while helping delay skin aging. And the night stone contains Biome Oléoactif, a pre- and post-biotic ferment proven to preserve the skin’s healthy microbiome and strengthen its barrier. The stone is also waterless, which means those skin-saving oils are delivered into your skin in a more concentrated form.

And it’s not just the lack of plastic and packaging that makes the stone sustainable. Novovic has chosen each ingredient and supplier with a focus on regenerative and sustainable production. The sandalwood oil is managed and sold by Indigenous suppliers, while the blue cypress oil is grown on a regenerative property in Darwin. Plus, for every stone sold, Remi Beauty works with Plastic Bank to remove one kilogram of plastic from the environment.

Instead of throw-away packaging, the stones are held in striking ceramic vessels that can be refilled over and over. They’re designed and made by ceramist and designer Ryan L Foote in a studio just three kilometres from the Fitzroy Remi Beauty lab.

“We believe sustainability is a requisite of new luxury. We strive to create a sustainable solution that also achieves a higher level of aesthetics and performance.”