I’m not a necklace kind of gal. I prefer my neck cloaked in a black turtleneck – no jewels, thank you (and especially nothing fiddly or ostentatious).

But if something special comes along in the necklace arena, I’ll make an exception. A new collection of zodiac pendants – understated, timeless and hardwearing – by Sydney-based jeweller Kirstin Ash is one of them.

The Zodiac range features 12 engravable, satin-finished pendants – one for each star sign – with symbols originally hand-drawn by the artist (and Ash’s friend) Jessica Guthrie.

“Jess and I were having a few laughs because the Virgo piece was the hardest to draw,” Ash says. “So the pedantic, detailed perfectionist in the Virgo came through in the process.”

In a market full of zodiac-related jewels, Ash felt it was vital to create beautiful, delicate pieces with a personal touch, but which still felt contemporary.

“I felt they needed to be a figurative representation, not too tricky,” says Ash, who studied astrology before launching her eponymous label six years ago. “The Leo was really difficult – drawing a soft-looking lion that was also strong. It looked angry initially.

“We also wanted to ensure they weren’t too old-worldy.”

The necklaces are available in sterling silver or 18-carat gold vermeil. You can buy a pendant on its own (starting at $79), or with a matching chain (starting at $119) that comes in two sizes. Wear yours layered with other necklaces or solo – its simplicity means it can easily be integrated into any personal style. (It even looks good over a black turtleneck.)

At checkout you can opt to add some text, initials, a date or symbols to the back of the pendant – handy for gifts, or if you like your jewels personalised.

Each pendant also comes with a hand-painted card that details the personality traits of your sign – or your giftee’s. This is also handy if, like me, you’re a star-sign novice who asked the designer if it’s okay to choose a pendant based on aesthetic preferences, not birthday.

It is, in case you’re wondering.


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