There are plenty of make-up brands to choose from, but high-quality, ethical lipsticks aren’t easy to find. New brand VonBlü makes lipsticks entirely free from chemicals and synthetics. They are made in Australia, are 100 per cent vegan (and not tested on animals) and use natural oils and waxes.

VonBlü is by business partners Julianne Prochilo and Stefan Vrankovic. They have different professional backgrounds, which makes for a solid business model. Prochilo has worked in beauty and as a make-up artist for more than 12 years, and Vrankovic’s experience is in pharmaceuticals, so he brings a scientific and consumer-focused approach.

The current range includes 12 semi-matte lipsticks in dusky pinks, nudes, reds and deep burgundys. They glide on smoothly, don’t dry out, come packaged in a smart triangular prism and cost $29 each. They have a pop-tube feature that clicks shut, so you won’t find smooshed lipstick in the bottom of your bag.

As for the best way to apply lipstick, Prochilo says: “The most effective way it is to first ensure your lips are clean. You should dab a small amount of face powder onto your lips so they become dry. Starting from the outside edge of your lips, work your way to the centre and use the point of the lipstick to create a nice "V" in the heart of the lip. If needed, dab your lips onto a tissue. These steps will help the lipstick last longer, prevent bleeding and minimise smudging.”

VonBlü is available online and at select retailers and salons around NSW and Queensland.