Show of hands: how many of you have set your hats down somewhere, only to forget about them until you’re already home? Or have them blown away by the wind? Maybe you stuffed it into your bag for safe keeping, where it became a crumpled, ragged mess?

With summer and the harsh Australian sun almost upon us again, hats are essential. Leaving them at home isn’t an option – but neither is losing or ruining yet another.

Enter Klipsta, a stylish Australian-designed and made clip that keeps your hats, scarves, sports towels and even face masks safe and secure.

Founder Kelly Walker designed the Klipsta with Clive Solari of D3 Design, as a response to “those little frustrations families face on a daily basis”. In her case, it was her kids regularly losing their school hats.

The clip is simple to use. Loop it around a bag handle or a belt loop and lock it into place. Separate the magnetic arms, slide your belongings in between and then they’ll snap back securing your item. Because it’s magnetised, the usual issue of broken springs in metal carabiners is non-existent.

Clips come in stone, black and tan and cost $19.95 each. The neutral colour choices pair well with most wardrobes, and a soft finish helps them blend in.

Klipsta was recognised this year in the product, sport and lifestyle category by the Australian Good Design Awards for its stylish, minimal and functional qualities. The annual event is one of the longest-running design awards in the world and is regarded as Australia’s peak international design programs.