Whether it signifies an engagement, a sentimental gesture from a loved one or simply a gift to self after reaching a life milestone, there’s something pretty damn special about receiving a diamond.

The cornerstone of luxury and opulence, they signify much more than being the focal point of a piece of jewellery, as the founder of Natalie Marie Jewellery, Natalie Fitch, can attest.

From her Sydney studio on the Northern Beaches, Fitch makes original, handcrafted and beautifully designed pieces for a “non-traditional jewellery experience” which combines minimal styling with traditional detailing and embellishments.

“Crafting jewellery, for us, is so much more than just creating an object, it's the opportunity to create something that is symbolic and significant; wearable treasures that act as tangible expressions of love and sentiment,” she tells Broadsheet.

Since creating the first Signature Solitaire for a commissioning client five years ago, Fitch and her team have reproduced countless versions for hundreds of people, culminating in the decision to launch the brand’s first capsule collection, Signature Solitaire. An ode to the many love stories they’ve been a part of, it aims to celebrate the team’s passion for superior craftsmanship and storytelling.

“We dreamt up this collection some time ago and after spending the past year reflecting on our most iconic designs, we purposefully collected unique, sustainably sourced stones for many months while we worked on the designs and launch.”

From there, she and the team curated the capsule collection of 15 one of a kind pieces based on their favourite and most requested varieties. Crafted in the brand’s signature style, each solitaire is entirely individual, encompassing unique details such as a carefully selected and mindfully sourced gemstones, from salt and pepper diamonds and coveted Australian sapphires to pale pink morganites and bi-coloured zoisites.

The process of each piece takes around six to eight weeks, from the conception of the design through to the sourcing process and on to the meticulous crafting of each element which makes up the final ring. It’s a lengthy process, but Fitch says it’s one that is of the utmost importance to ensure each piece is instilled with a level of care and attention to detail that is second to none.

“Adding thoughtful features such as tailored bands, accent stones and hidden design details, no two designs are ever the same. This individuality epitomises the personality and style of its wearer, and these intimately personal touches lead to the creation of a modern heirloom that tells a precious story to be held close and passed down for generations to come.”

A favoured choice for romantics throughout the ages and one of the most classic engagement designs, the jeweller says a brilliant-cut diamond in a delicate six claw setting atop a fine round band remains their most popular style.

“The solitaire has been a classic engagement ring choice for decades, but in our Signature Solitaire design, we have reimagined a classic; pulling the design elements back to a clean and refined aesthetic, emphasising elegance and time-honoured minimalism.”

The capsule collection is available now.