For the first time, Luxe Australian activewear label Nagnata has released a collection designed to suit both masculine and feminine bodies. The concept arose when founder Laura May Gibbs started getting requests from fans of the label for fits that would suit their shape.

“Our boys were requesting the original organic cotton rib sweaters and retro rib sweaters to be made in larger sizes,” Gibbs tells Broadsheet. Her solution? The looser-fitting Sama collection. Thanks to the label’s organic cotton knit fabric, the new shapes are suited to a range of different body types, while maintaining the sculptural quality Nagnata is known for. “The beauty of our knitwear fabrications is they lend themselves to either sculpt and hold the body or, in the case of Sama, offer a more relaxed fit,” Gibbs says.

But not all the pieces are designed to be worn loose. The Avika tank, for example, was originally created for the label’s core performance line, but joined the gender-neutral collection when Gibbs discovered that male dancers were buying the piece for ballet. “The fabrication is a super soft rib construction, so it has lots of stretch – [meaning] it can be worn by women and men,” she says.

The Sonny sweaters – featuring two-tone ribbed knit material across five colourways (our favourite is the holographic-looking lilac and turmeric number) – are available now as part of Sama’s first drop. Track pants and tees will be landing in January.