Have you ever bought a piece of clothing based on a photo of a model only to realise it just doesn’t suit you? It’s hard to guess whether or not something will look good on you based on how it looks on another body, especially if it’s shaped differently to yours. That’s something Mys Tyler – a new online-shopping and body-positivity app (the name is a play on “my styler”) – wants to change.

“Until now women have had to imagine what clothes would look like on themselves, only to try them on with a shockingly low success rate,” founder and CEO Sarah Neill says in a statement.

She was living in New York when she first got the idea for Mys Tyler in 2014. Last year she quit her job and returned home to Sydney to finally launch the app with the goals of helping women make informed shopping choices and creating an inclusive fashion community. The app has already been downloaded more than 83,000 times across 100 countries.

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It works by connecting users with women of similar size, fit, proportions and overall look, allowing them to get style inspiration and purchase the same flattering items for themselves.

A body quiz asks for personal details such as height, age, typical dress and bra size, and even skin tone, and a fit algorithm will use the data to match you with others who share your features and build.

You can then “follow” women whose style you like and enjoy a personalised feed of outfit suggestions from women who look like you. Use it for simple inspiration – “maybe I should try flowy dresses too” – or to buy the exact same piece, thanks to a direct-shopping feature that connects you straight to stores and retailers.

You can also sign up to be a contributor, posting outfits with captions, information on the pieces and styling tips, plus links to individual items still available to buy online – and you can earn even commission on your suggestions.

“There are millions of women around the world who look like you, love shopping and know what clothes best fit your body,” Neill says. “We help you find them.”

Research shows that 91 per cent of women who order clothing online end up dissatisfied with the fit of their purchases, and around a third of online purchases are returned (poor fit is the main culprit).

So while Mys Tyler’s main concern is body positivity, confidence and inclusivity, it also helps the environment by minimising waste and the carbon footprint generated by all those returns.

Mys Tyler is available on the App Store and Google Play.